Aixro XR-50 Rotary Wankel Sports Engine


Power: 33 kW (app. 44 HP)/ 8750 rpm
Torque: 39 Nm (7500 rpm)
Dry weight: 17 kg
Chamber volume: 294 cm3
Fuel: mixture lubrication 1:50
Consumption: 5-7 l/h
Actuation: 1/2 inch chain type 428

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The Aixro XR50 rotary engine is still a revolution in karting. There has never been such a combination of performance, drivability and reliability in this sport before. Despite its power the XR50 is very controllable even in wet conditions, and it feels like a classic direct-drive kart. Press reviews describe it as “Absolutely Awesome” (Karting Magazine),”Pocket Rocket” or “Karting Nirvana” ( Over the past years the XR50 has proved both its performance and reliability. But as good is never good enough, the engine is continually improved. For example the new 2011 engine version is equipped with a PVL ignition system for better spark quality and operation convenience, to ensure that it will remain the gauge for all other 2- and 4-stroke engines.

AIXRO’s rotary engine XR-50 is the most versatile engine of our product line. The rotary engine is a 4-stroke aspirated engine, using a rotor turning around an excenter, instead of moving masses back and forth, which means that vibrations are minimal. In combination with with its enormous power you can use this engine for every purpose.

Consumption: 5-7 l/h
Noise level: 94 dB(A)
Constant load: No
Full load: Yes
Rotation: 10,500 rpm
Add weight: 1.94 kW/kg
Dry weight: 17 kg
Manned: Yes
Unmanned: Yes
Helicopter drive: No
Chamber volume: 294 cm3
Fuel: mixture lubrication 1:50
Rotational direction: Clockwise
Power: 33 kW (app. 44 HP)/ 8750 rpm
Torque: 39 Nm (7500 rpm)
Revs: 11,000 rpm
Actuation: 1/2 inch chain type 428
Clutch: centrifugal-dry clutch
Ignition: digital ignition system
Casing: water-cooled, Nicasil coated
Side parts: water-cooled, special alloy
Maintenance interval: anually or after every 50 working hours
Dimensions: 300x250x250 mm

Benefits: Powerful,  Lightweight and Versatile

Additional features:

  • versatile
  • light-weight
  • reliable performance
  • high performance
  • minimum dimensions
  • compact
  • excellent power/weight ratio
  • weight reduction
  • weight saving
  • emission reduction
  • downsizing
  • low vibration
  • compact design
  • operationable with: hydrogene
  • LPG

individualized motors available
Possible applications:

  • Sports engine
  • Kart
  • Civilian use#
  • Small batches

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