Type 4-stroke single rotor rotary engine
Power 33kW at 8750rpm
Torque >35Nm from 4500rpm
Max. rpm 10500rpm
Fuel gasoline 2% oil premix
Dry weight 17kg (excl. exhaust, cooling, starter)
Capacity 294cm³
Rotor Cooling charge cooled
Housing Cooling liquid cooled
ignition digital self-sustained system
Alternator 75W/6A from 5000rpm
PTO 2-disc centrifugal clutch with ½” chain type 428

Included Features

vacuum-controlled dual inlet
Dell’Orto VHSH30CS carburettor with fuel pump and air filter
Standard engine mounts (Ø32mm x 92mm)
Ignition with alternator
Autoventilated V-belt pulley
Stainless steel exhaust with 90° manifold and springs
Standard engine mounts (Ø32mm x 92mm)

Optional Features

Ceramic apex seals
Onboard starter
10T-, 12T- and 13T-sprocket
Chassis-specific engine mounts
Black engine cover
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