Aixro XH-40 Rotary Aero – Helicopter Engine


Power: 26 kW (app. 35 HP)/ 6500 rpm
Torque: 40 Nm at 4500-7000 rpm
Dry weight: 19,5 kg with clutch
Chamber volume: 296 cm3
Consumption: max. 5-7 l
Actuation: Poly-V drive profile PJ 17x

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AIXRO’s XH-40 is a powerful helicopter motor, additionally equipped with a starter, a generator and a water pump. It weighs only 19,5 kilos, including all attachements – which is extremely lightweight. The generator delivers 75W at 5000 rpm, which is enough power for all measuring instruments aboard. Thus, the battery is charged during flight . Additionally, the motor can be equipped with a compensating tank which allows for an overhead mounting.

The XH-40’s innovative built-in bearings withstand extreme variations in temperature easily. Also, the speed, rate of climb and noise emissions can be optionally configured individually tailored to your needs.

Additional features:

  • versatile
  • excellent power/weight ratio
  • reliable performance
  • high performance
  • minimum dimensions
  • compact
  • excellent weight
  • weight reduction
  • weight saving
  • emission reduction
  • compact design
  • low vibration
  • lightweight design
  • available as customized motor

Possible applications:

  • sports engine
  • helicopter
  • drone
  • several application areas
  • military use
  • civilian use
  • UAV
  • pilotless helicopters
  • surveillance
  • flight training
  • small batches
  • unmanned aviation
  • flying machine


  • Powerful
  • Low-vibration
  • Durable

Max. altitude: Legalwise 3000 meter max.
Consumption: max. 5-7 l
Noise level: 95 dB(A)
Constant load: Yes
Full load: Full load at start
Rotation: 7500 rpm
Add weight: 1.33 kW/kg
Dry weight: 19,5 kg with clutch
Manned: Yes
Unmanned: Yes
Helicopter drive: Yes
Chamber volume: 296 cm3
Fuel: petrol
Rotational direction: anticlockwise
Power: 26 kW (app. 35 HP)/ 6500 rpm
Torque: 40 Nm at 4500-7000 rpm
Revs: 7000 rpm
Actuation: Poly-V drive profile PJ 17x
Clutch: centrifugal clutch, adjustable torque
Ignition: battery with generator 70W or optionally 180W at 7000 rpm
Casingv aluminium coated
Side parts: special aluminium
Maintenance interval: up to 250 h
Dimensions: 300x250x250 mm

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