Aircraft engines with even more electrical power

Especially aircraft engines have to deal with an increasing electricity demand. Latest developments in on-board equipment as well as individual electronic pieces like cameras, radar sets and so on are in constantly increasing need of a higher capacity (wattage). We...

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Wankel Rotary Aircraft Engines

The XF40 is aixro’s Wankel Rotary Aircraft engine for continuous power supply. It is now used in various different applications, such as microlight aircraft and paramotor trikes. Besides the standard configuration, several variations are possible, such as different...

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The Aixro XR50

The Aixro XR50 rotary engine is still a revolution in karting. There has never been such a combination of performance, drivability and reliability in this sport before. Despite its power the XR50 is very controllable even in wet conditions, and it feels like a classic...

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