Especially aircraft engines have to deal with an increasing electricity demand. Latest developments in on-board equipment as well as individual electronic pieces like cameras, radar sets and so on are in constantly increasing need of a higher capacity (wattage). We optimized the stators which results in an improved and more efficient rotation. With only 5000 rpm our aircraft engines can generate up to 75 Watt – almost 100 percent more than before! A better functional interaction between all electronic components is achieved, the battery is charged quicker and the on-board energy grid is working functionally.

Low speed covers large electricity demand

What used to be possible with 8000 to 10000 rpm is now achievable with only 5000 rpm!
Our aircraft engines XF 40, XH40 and XP40 – which we will launch soon – benefit from the improvements – as of course does your flighting enjoyment!

(photo credits: iStock/Name)

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